Protecting Your Home from Wind Damage Caused by Hurricane

It is important to get your home prepared for the hurricane before its arrival because there will be lots of strong wind that bring powerful debris that are capable of damaging your house. You should make the weakest areas of your home such as roof, windows, garage door, and the main entrance and back doors. Making improvements in your home does not guarantee that it won’t suffer from any damage when the hurricane hit. You must take heed of the authorities if they ask you to quickly evacuate your home.

To prevent the windows from flying open, you can install boards over them. Alternatively, you can install the storm shutters over the windows and glass structure such as sliding door, and skylights. Sealing the windows with a mask tape won’t help as the tape is not strong enough. You should check with the local building code to see if you need to obtain a permit when installing the shutter.

You can secure all doors that are facing outside with deadbolts. T
he bolts that come with most doors are not strong enough for protection against the hurricane. It is recommended that you get the reinforcing bolt kits that are supplied by your door manufacturer to strengthen your door. On a double door, there are active and inactive doors. The inactive door is the door that always stay locked. You must make sure that the bolts on top and bottom of the inactive door are strong enough to protect against the hurricane winds.

Double wide garage doors tend to shake and easily crack when the strong wind blow against it. The strong wind can damage your home if it manages to break the garage door. When strengthening the garage door, you can check with the local building code to see if there is any requirement in the area. Retrofit kits can be used to strengthen the garage doors. You can use a retrofit kit to strengthen the garage door with horizontal bracing on the door panels. Heavy duty hinges can be used to reinforce the door. You can inspect the garage door’s track to see if it is loose. If the track is loose, you will have to install a stronger track.

You can install hurricane straps over the roof of the house. Gabled roof are more likely to get damaged during the hurricane because they have weaker structure. Gabled roof is built with trusses that are held together by a plywood. You can install more truss bracing to strengthen the plywood that supports the gabled roof. You can go to your attic to check the roof bracing and see if it is properly installed. You must reinstall the sheathing if the majority of the big nails did not go through the trusses. If there is any loose tile on your roof, you can use the roofing cement to secure the tiles.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Basement Flooding Cleanup

    How do you clean up a flooded basement?

    If the basement is only partially flooded, you may be able to pump the water out using a sump pump. If the basement is completely flooded, you will need to remove the water using a wet/dry vacuum or a submersible pump. Once the water has been removed, you will need to clean and disinfect the area to prevent mold and mildew from growing.

    How do you clean an unfinished basement after a flood?

    If your basement has been flooded, you will need to clean it as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Start by removing any wet items from the basement and throwing them away. Next, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any water from the floor. Finally, use a disinfectant to clean the entire area.

    How do you disinfect after a flood?

    To disinfect after a flood, you should clean all surfaces with hot water and soap. You should also disinfect all surfaces with a bleach solution.

    What to spray in the basement after flooding to remove odors and prevent mold growth?

    Mold and mildew can start growing within 24 to 48 hours after flooding. To prevent mold growth, spray a solution of one part bleach to 10 parts water throughout the basement.

    Do you need to run dehumidifier after a flood?

    After a flood, it is necessary to run a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air and prevent the growth of mold.

    Will a dehumidifier remove flood waters from flooring?

    A dehumidifier will only remove flood waters from flooring if the dehumidifier is powerful enough.