Avoiding Interior Water Damage With Some Plumbing Tips

Even though we are coming into winter, basement flooding can be a big problem this time of year in many places throughout the country because a lot of states will have a blizzard one day and then a couple days later have the temperature shoot up to nearly 60 degrees and melt the three feet of snow all around the foundation of your home.

There are things you can do if you have a basement that has a tendency to flood. First of all, you can have a sump pump installed. This is something it is best to have a professional like ABC Company do. If you hire “Joe Handyman” because he tells you he will do the job nice and cheap, you might find that your cheap handyman put the sump pump at the highest point in your basement instead of the lowest.

Another thing that can help are French drains. Now there are many types of French drains, and depending on the reason your basement floods depends on what type you might need. Again, this is something you really want to have a professional do for you like ABC Company. They have the knowledge and experience to fix the problem so it isn’t a problem. There are outdoor French drains and indoor French drains. Where I grew up, we needed both indoor and outdoor French drains, plus two sump pumps. That might explain why I live on top of a mountain now.

An outdoor French drain may be right next to the foundation or further out on the property. Its purpose is to redirect the water around your foundation because the water can run through the pipes and stones more easily than through your foundation.

Indoor French drains are more typical for homes where the water is coming up from the ground as opposed to run off from somewhere else. They work much the same way as outdoor French drains, with the pipes and stones making the water flow easily through the drain as opposed to rising to the point of flooding your basement. Indoor French drains are typically installed along with a sump pump just in case of overflow.

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