Flash Flooding Threatens Many Parts of US This Week

People living in the Midwest, South and East are being told that flash flooding could occur this week as could severe thunderstorms. A southward dip in the jet stream is now over the Rockies and will be pushing eastward through the middle part of the week. The moist air that will be ahead of the jet stream will trigger heavy rains over a large part of the United States from the southern Plains through the Ozarks and Mississippi Valley Monday and onward toward the East Coast by mid-week.

Since many states have already received heavy rainfall last week, the threat of flash flooding is very significant in portions of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas early this week. Then as the inclement weather marches east, flash flooding may take place in parts of the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys, the mid-south and the Tennessee Valley region. If the frontal system is sluggish, the heavy rainfall may continue on in parts of the Appalachians and East into as late as Thursday.

A squall line of severe thunderstorms will move from southwest Missouri Monday morning northeastward to the eastern part of Illinois and western Indiana during the evening hours. Some of the thunderstorms moving through this part of the country could be severe wherein large hail and even tornadoes are produced. Rainfall amounts of 1 to 3 inches should be common from the eastern portion of Kansas to Michigan and western Indiana with some areas getting 3 to 5 inches. Flash and urban flooding is very possible due to the heavy rain.

In addition to heavy rain, the National Weather Service stated Monday that damaging winds are also a threat in and around the areas which have flash flooding potential. Also, the NWS says that large damaging hail may come down and that tornadoes cannot be ruled out. Over 4 million people are at risk for severe weather Monday heading into Tuesday as severe storms, high winds, hail and tornado activity are threatening those living in several metropolitan areas including Memphis, TN, Jackson, TN, Jonesboro, AR, Pine Bluff, AK and Monroe, LA.

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