Next Round Of Severe Weather Takes Aim At The Midwest Again Today and Thursday

Just as many are beginning cleanup efforts after the major severe storms that rocked the Midwest, more severe weather is on its way for the Rockies and Midwest. This will begin on Tuesday and continue into Tuesday night. If any severe weather does occur, these storms will more than likely be few and far between. The next threat of more widespread severe weather will return by Wednesday and continue into Thursday. This will be caused by a jet stream that will move southward and then swiftly move out of the Rockies and into the Plains states. By this time, a small area of warm, moist, and unstable air will be moving itself into the southern and central Plains and western Great Lakes.

Fortunately for many residents of these states, it does not appear that this system will be a destructive and widespread tornado outbreak as we have seen last week in the South. Thursday is when the storm will be the most intense according to the meteorologists.

On Wednesday the threat areas are the high Plains of southeast Wyoming, Nebraska and the upper Midwest, and parts of the southern Plains. The main threats in these areas are hail, and high wind gusts. The cities that will be most affected by the severe weather are Oklahoma City, Abilene, and Cheyenne.

Thursday brings more intense weather that is predicted to affect the upper Mississippi Valley to the Southern Plains. It is highly feasible that there will be an initial round of thunderstorms in the morning, and then they will redevelop in the afternoon farther west. The cities that will be hit the hardest are Oklahoma City, Dallas, Kansas City, and the Twin Cities. These areas can expect hail, damaging straight line winds, and a few tornado threats. These tornadoes will possibly develop in the afternoon or evening in the upper Mississippi Valley, and possibly parts of Kansas and northern Oklahoma.

Residents of the Central Great Lakes to Ohio Valley, Lower Mississippi Valley, and central and east Texas can expect hail and heavy rainfall which can lead to flash flooding. This will occur on Friday with the threat of severe thunderstorms decreasing. The cities that are predicted to be hit the hardest are Louisville, Memphis, Houston, and San Antonio. Over the weekend the weather will become milder with a lessened threat of severe weather.

For your benefit, it is always important to stay in tune to the latest updates on the weather system in your area. Also, it is always a good idea to have an emergency kit in your home or car when there is a looming threat of severe weather. This could include non-perishable goods, a first aid kit, a blanket, and flashlights. Stay tuned to The Weather Channel or your local weather authority for any updates!

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