Some Common Basement Problems and How They Can Be Fixed

Basement flood problems need to be addressed when they are identified. There are common problems which result to basement floods and if they are rectified, this can help in preventing the menace. One of the aspects which can lead to flooding of the basement is poor exterior grading along the perimeter of the foundation of the walls. When dealing with this problem, the area that is adjacent to the foundation walls should be done in a slopping way to allow water that collects on the surface to drain away from the foundation walls.

If the water collects and pools adjacent to the foundation walls, this can easily lead to seepage of the water to the basement. If this persists for long time, it keeps on deteriorating the walls and floor seals further weakening them and causing crevices and cracks, which could lead to more seepage of water into the basement. You need to consult a plumber to provide you with solutions for your basement floods.

Another aspect which can easily lead to floods on the basement is lack of adequate gutters. Gutters are meant to drain away water to the drainage system and they should be able to hold the capacity of water which is released from the roofs. If they cannot hold that water, this means that there is overflow. When the water runs off the roof and is not contained in the gutter system, it may run directly on to the loose filled area of the excavating ring.

The gutters extensions need to be long enough to pass the excavation ring. This will ensure that the water does not reach the basement of your house. In addition, if there are any leaking and rusted gutters, they need to be replaced. Similarly, poor grading inside window wells and lack of window well covers also result to leakage to the basement causing flooding of the basement floor.

If plants and shrub overgrow to reach the foundation walls, this can lead to seepage of water to the basement. Plant root networks can weakness the basement underneath the subgrade layer. It can also collapse drainage system which is close to the basement walls leading to water seeping to the basement floor. The root system can also create crevices and cracks on the basement walls and floors, which can lead to penetration of water into the floor. Water can follow the root system and reach the basement foundation walls and this can also cause seepage of the water to the floor.

These are some of the aspects which require experts to identify and solve. Furthermore, a landscape which is edging too high not allowing water to flow over it can also be a source of water collection. Water is restricted from naturally flowing away from the house thus seeping through to the basement. If the pavement adjacent to the house are cracked and poorly slopped, this can also encourage water to drain to the basement through cracks. The open gaps in the driveways, pavements and pathways which are close to the foundation walls should be caulked.

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