Winter Storm Gemini Expected to Cause Problems over the Weekend

Just as winter storm Electra finished ravaging the Midwest and East coast, another winter storm is making its way throughout the states this weekend. This storm cell named winter storm Gemini is the seventh named storm this season, and is expected to wreak havoc on the Midwest and the east coast yet again. This time, severe storms are predicted as well as heavy snow accumulations in the northern states. On Thursday, this storm dumped about 7 inches of snow over the Salt Lake City area. At SLC International Airport, many flights were delayed as well.
This storm is expected to deliver light snow, sleet, and freezing rain to the Upper Midwest and northern New England. For the most part the ice accumulations will be light, but could be sufficient enough to produce slippery roads. Parts of New York could see larger ice accumulations up to a quarter of an inch through Saturday. This could lead to downed tree limbs and power outages. To the Great Lakes and New England, 1-4 inches of snow can be expected. The state of Maine can expect higher totals of snow accumulation.

The second phase of winter storm Gemini is predicted to impact the Midwest and New England over the weekend. Large amounts of rain will move to the north on Saturday and Sunday. This rain is expected to move over Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Southern Michigan. Ice accumulations will be light, but slippery roads are a definite possibility on bridges and overpasses. Into Sunday, the development of snow will begin. This potential for snow will extend from the panhandle of Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Northern Michigan. Some of these locations will see 6 or more inches of snow. The most significant amounts of snow will stay Northwest of Chicago. There also may be a lake-effect snow in the Great Lakes region.

Along with the snow and ice, a threat of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain will spread across the Ohio valley and the Southern states. Moist air will move into the Northeast Saturday night through Sunday. The temperatures will head into the upper 60’s and 70’s as far north as Philadelphia. This means that there will be a risk of significant ice accumulations. This could lead to broken tree limbs, power outages, and dangerous traveling conditions.
Always stay tuned to your local weather authority for any changes that may occur over the span of the weekend

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